Ecommerce - 5 Website Features You Need for Your Business

Creating enjoyable customer experience is your responsibility as an entrepreneur using e-commerce as a vehicle to sell your products and services. You will not be alone if you worry about cart abandonment before checkout, but it will be your fault if you fail to fix it. One way of fixing cart abandonment is by creating the right platform for your customers to do business with you.

To help you make an informed decision, we will discuss five website features any e-commerce business needs to succeed. We trust you find it enjoyable and informative to change the fortune of your business.

1. Mobile friendly website

Some internet companies take it for granted that their site is excellent on the desktop and do not care how it performs on mobile. You don’t want to make that mistake because mobile shopping today is shoulder to shoulder with desktop and the trend is going up for mobile devices. Various reports have favorably favored mobile search and shopping above the desktop. If you look carefully around you, what is the ratio of people accessing the internet via mobile devices compared to those with the desktop? Therefore, one feature you want right now is a mobile compliant website. Most e-commerce platforms today such as Shopify, have responsive enable apps you can configure to activate your mobile feature.

2. Automated customer support chat

Managing your audience isn’t a joke, and you need to be up to date with how you treat your customers. Various studies say you can achieve above expectation with your conversion of leads with a direct chat. Experience shows that most customers do not have fixed needs and when you attend to them, you can convince them to buy something they didn’t intend buying when they come to your store. The fact that they get someone to attend to them gives them the confidence to buy.

3. Customer reviews

An e-commerce site that features customer review is giving prospective clients a good reason to buy. It is in the human idea not to be the first person to try out a product. But when someone else reports how a fantastic product is, it convinces another customer to try it out. The purpose served by a customer review is crucial for sales and profitability. Having a customer reviews on your site will do two important things for you.

  • First, it will reduce your bounce rate as customers want to spend some time to read the reviews;
  • Second, it will increase your conversion as customers will want to trust other people recommendation of the product rather than just listen to you.

A site that features customer reviews also stands to do well in search engine result.

4. Featuring product videos

When your e-commerce site features explaining videos for goods and the service you render, it serves to convince your customers that you know what you are doing. It also affords you the opportunity to talk to your customers about what your products or services do and how they can benefit from it. Using video is engaging and sounds more convincing than text-only explanation.

5. High-quality content

You have heard that content is king; let me add that only high-quality content are kings. When you deliver high-quality content in term of production and information, the value of the content is used to access your overall worth and performance. When your audience respects your content, you spend less energy convincing them to buy your products or services. Whether its text, video, voice or graphics, always ensure your content is of high quality and wait patiently for the handsome reward.

There are features today that you can integrate with your website to boost its online presence and increase sales. The purpose of the elements is to enhance customer experience qualitatively and give you the benefits of doing business productively.

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